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Why Is Design So Hard?

Why do we struggle to figure the right way to build things? Even more so in the Tech industry?

Design Thinking is a way of thinking that has powerful outcomes when it is a part of our behavior. Its pattern is found in many places, such as the UX movement. But it is hard for us to get our mind into.

When you are faced with your next challenge, consider:

Are you talking about how to fix it before you really understand what is needed?

Design Thinking is about finding solutions, not fixing problems. Most times when people are frustrated about how to do something, it is because we don't quite understand the need, yet we are working on a fix. Design Thinking is simply:

  1. Really know the need
  2. Be a little creative
  3. Then do it

Just don't do these steps at the same time!

If you are in a meeting discussing how to do something, but you don't really know the need being addressed, then stop talking about how to do it.

Considering the three steps above, let's apply the Design Thinking labels:

  1. Empathy - Really know the need
    • Define & Research
  2. Creativity - Be a little creative
    • Ideate & Prototype
  3. Rationality - Then do it
    • Choose, Implement & Learn

If you want to be successful, check out: Activator, a quick guide to using Design Thinking in Technology.

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Brandon Gillespie

Brandon Gillespie

Brandon loves Tech and has a breadth of experience including hands-on Implementation and Leadership Roles across many companies including small startups, enterprises, and the USAF.

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