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The Importance of Empathy

Simon Sinek succinctly captures many leadership challenges faced today in his talk on Empathy and Perspective. This is an even greater challenge in the Technology Industry!

A few points that resonate:

  • 1:30 - taking care of people in our charge, not being in charge
  • 7:32 - What Empathy looks like (or not)
  • 9:40 - The devastating effects of layoffs on trust
  • 10:40 - Fear and why it is so insidious (Fear and Empathy are further explored in Activator: Design Thinking for Success in Tech)
  • 12:20 - We are the common factor in our failed relationships (see also Leadership and Self Deception)
  • 14:38 - Perspective - The Finite game vs the Infinite game
  • 16:40 - There is no winning in the game of business! (the infinite game cannot be won)

I have further discussed Empathy in the article on Women in STEM: The Courage of Being Different.

Brandon Gillespie

Brandon Gillespie

Brandon loves Tech and has a breadth of experience including hands-on Implementation and Leadership Roles across many companies including small startups, enterprises, and the USAF.

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